Goldberg Galerie is an art gallery and exhibition space located in the center of Munich. Founded in January 2016 by Ruben and Markus, we present a wide range of contemporary art in monthly changing exhibitions. Our focus is on the selection of high-quality positions without any formalore content based restrictions.

The works shown are presented in close collaboration with the artists, mostly in solo exhibitions to a constantly growing audience. A special feature in the design of the gallery is the relatively short duration of the individual exhibition, each lasting only three days. This limitation of a single exhibition to just a few days, in turn, enables us to realize a larger number of projects with at least ten exhibitions a year (in addition to art fair participation and exhibition cooperations with international partners in other cities).

A programmatic approach of the gallery is to provide artists with a platform that makes their work accessible to a broad public and thus to promote the interaction and the social discourse between audience and artists. This aims at the mutual exchange between young, emerging - but also more established artists from home and abroad, as well as between private and institutional art interests and leads to a special care in the design of our gallery program.